Developing and Refining an East Asian Conceptualization of Principal Instructional Leadership

  • WALKER, Allan David 汪雅量 (PI)
  • LU, Jiafang 陸佳芳 (CoI)
  • LEE, Tai Hoi, Theodore 李泰開 (Team Member)
  • HALLINGER, Philip (CoI)
  • LEE, Moo Sung (CoI)
  • HO, Choi Wa, Dora (CoI)
  • LAW, Hau Fai, Edmond (CoI)
  • KANTAMARA, Pornkasem (CoI)
  • NGUYEN, Vu Bich, Hien (CoI)
  • WANG, Hong (CoI)
  • CHENG, Yan Ni, Annie (Team Member)
  • QIAN, Haiyan (Team Member)
  • LIU, Peng (Team Member)
  • LI, Jiacheng (Team Member)
  • Lin, Linan (Team Member)
  • ZHENG, Yulian (Team Member)
  • HU, Rongkun (Team Member)
  • SZETO, Sing Ying, Elson 司徒勝營 (Team Member)

Project: Research project


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