Determinants of Hong Kong Secondary Students’ Senses of Belonging to School, City, Country and the World 決定香港中學生對學校、城市、國家和世界的歸屬感之因素的調查

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Understanding the relations between belonging and their determinants across levels will inform policies, procedures, and activities of school, government, and community organizations to help foster students’ belonging across levels and mitigate potential conflicts. Such knowledge can inform the expected effectiveness of policies that (a) focus on school development and activity enrichment (e.g., celebrate special days, strengthen alumni relationship, promote campus inclusivity) (b) focus on community engagement and city belonging, such as the Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth, (c) enrich national and civic education contents in curriculum (e.g., encourage civic engagement; learn Chinese culture and history), (d) promote a diverse range of extracurricular activities on campus, in the city, nation, or cross-culturally for national and global belonging (e.g., fund travel opportunities to mainland China, such as school trips; the Youth Development Fund and Youth Entrepreneurship programs), or (e) strengthen students’ international connections (e.g., Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme).

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (PPR)
Effective start/end date12/05/2211/08/23


  • sense of belonging, Pluralistic identity, Ecological framework, Globalization, Secondary school students


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