Connecting STEAM Education with Picture Books in Early Childhood Education (RMG)

Project: Research project

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The purpose of the project is to identify the needs and challenges of the schools to develop possible solutions and suggestions to assist kindergartens in designing STEAM activities based on picture books. To understand the needs of kindergarten teachers and the school-based curriculum, the research team will invite them to participate in pre-post surveys and teacher interviews. The survey and the interview can provide insight into the development needs of local schools and the challenges they face in integrating picture books with STEAM learning activities. The project team will support the participating schools to develop their STEAM curriculum based on picture books and the STEAM environment. Additionally, the project team intends to improve the transition from kindergarten to primary school by searching for and recommending STEAM learning resources, such as play-based STEAM kits, simple engineering kits and digital technologies.

Funding Source: UGC - Research Matching Grant (RMG)
Effective start/end date01/03/2331/08/24


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