Chinese Language Assessment in Primary Progressive Aphasia - Cantonese (CLAP-C)

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The grant is international joint-collaboration research grant awarded to Dr. Lorinda Kwan-Chen on a three year project (2022 -2025) to develop Chinese speech and language assessment tool and intervention of a rare language-based dementia called primary progressive aphasia. This project lends its foundation through international and local academic and medical practitioners. The collaborators include internationally the Memory and Ageing Centre of the Neurology Department of the University of California, San Francisco (USA) and locally the geriatric psychiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians of the Hospital Authority, and neurologists and radiologists of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This project is a continuation of its pioneer since 2018 and results have been published in high impact journals such as Neurology, and Neurocase.

Funding Source: Non-HK - Others^^
Effective start/end date01/07/2231/08/25


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