Atomic Energy Levels of Transition Metal Ions as Doped in Technologically Important Host Crystals

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    A visiting scholar from Boaji University of Arts and Sciences (BUAS) will stay at HKIEd SES Department for 6 months to conduct the following types of research and scholarly activities: (a) Further development and testing of the Crystal Field Analysis package; (b) Application of the updated Crystal Field Analysis package to analyse the optical and EPR spectra of some technologically important systems; (c) Use of various 3D visualisation and virtual reality technologies to depict the structures of some complex crystal systems; (d) Editorial work of the online science journal called Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching with an aim to promote it to more science educators and teachers in various regions of mainland China; (e) Talk and Seminar; and (f) visit of other tertiary institutions and a few secondary/primary schools in Hong Kong.
    Effective start/end date01/09/0928/02/10


    • atomic spectra, crystal field, transition metal ions


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