An Interdisciplinary Study toward Clean Air, Public Health and Sustainable Agriculture: The Case of Crop Residue Burning in North India

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This study addresses air pollution caused by large-scale post-harvest burning of rice straw in October and November in the states of Punjab and Haryana in northwestern India. Burning results in severe air pollution in surrounding areas, affecting public health and the well-being of hundreds of millions of people. This project will utilize observation data and model simulations to scientifically examine the connection between stubble burning in Punjab and severe air pollution in Delhi. The aim of this project is to encourage social changes aimed at realizing cleaner air, improved public health, and sustainable agriculture.

Funding Source: Non-HK - Others^^
Effective start/end date07/08/2331/03/25


  • Air Quality
  • Atmospheric Modeling
  • Agriculture
  • Sustainability


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