An Evaluation Study on the Implementation of the Physical Education Curriculum

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The study was a competitive tendered research project initiated by the Education Bureau. The major research question of the study was “to what extent PE panel chairpersons and teachers understand the framework and key emphases of the central PE curriculum”. It was the territory-wide questionnaire survey of 402 primary and secondary PE teachers. . Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected through close- and open- ended questions built in the questionnaire. SPSS, content analysis and constant comparison were adopted for analysing data of closed and open-ended questions. PE teachers showed understanding of the “healthy and active lifestyle” as the aim of their PE curriculum. They ranked “health and fitness” strand as the highest priority in their PE teaching. Each of them organised 5 sports teams and 6 PE related training courses/interest groups as well as a variety sports promotion programmes for developing students’ physical activity participation. 70% of them had formulated physical fitness activity policy and plans. However, the policy and plans had seldom made known to their stakeholders. The official Curriculum Guides were found effective in serving as references for supporting curriculum planning and development. The findings generated information on how PE teachers understood the PE curriculum in Hong Kong. Possible professional supports and measures for helping PE teachers to further promote students’ learning were suggested. .

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Education Bureau
Effective start/end date01/05/1031/10/10


  • Physical Education
  • Physical education curriculum
  • Physical Education Teachers


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