A Study on Pedagogical Strategies to Enhance Learning Effectiveness in a Small Class Setting

  • YU, Wai Mui, Christina 姚偉梅 (CoI)
  • YUEN, Yuet Mui, Celeste (PI)
  • WONG, Ping Man (CoI)
  • CHEUNG, Chi Keung (CoI)
  • LEUNG, Cheung Shing, Sam (CoI)
  • YUEN, Lai Ha, Freda (CoI)
  • NGAI, Siu Keung, George 倪紹強 (CoI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


This consultancy study was commissioned by Education Bureau. It will first conceptualize a teaching framework relevant to the small class teaching in Hong Kong school context. Based on the teaching framework, it will recommend effective pedagogical strategies to be implemented in the project schools to evaluate their effectiveness and determine how teachers may take advantage of a small class teaching. It will produce a resource package for future use.

Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Education Bureau
Effective start/end date01/05/0828/02/10


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