A Self-Regulated and Personalised Vocabulary Learning Approach Mediated by Mobile Technologies for University Students

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This project proposed to develop and measure the effectiveness of a self-regulated and personalised (SRP) vocabulary learning approach. In this SRP approach, the mobile technologies mediate, the vocabulary pedagogy informs and the personalisation shapes students’ L2 vocabulary learning. This research aims to help students develop a heightened capacity for self-regulation while using mobile technologies and appropriate pedagogical knowledge to learn L2 vocabulary more efficiently and effectively in the long term. This research will adopt a mixed-method design. An experimental design will be adopted to find out to what extent students can learn L2 vocabulary using the SRP approach in a mobile technology-mediated environment via a self-directed intervention for a period of one semester. It will also examine whether the self-directed SRP approach can help students learn L2 vocabulary receptively and productively better than those who adopt their usual learning approach. Personalised vocabulary tests at both receptive and productive levels will be developed for each participant to measure their learning outcome. In addition, a multi-case study will be conducted to provide qualitative evidence to verify whether the self-directed SRP approach can lead to a heightened capacity for self-regulation. The qualitative evidence collected can also be used to triangulate and validate the quantitative findings.

Funding Source: RGC - General Research Fund (GRF)
Effective start/end date01/04/1931/03/22


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