A School, Theatre and Institute Partnership in Integrating Drama into Preschool Curriculum

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The main purposes of this research project are to: (i) increase the local awareness of the potentials and significances of drama education to young children; (ii) enhance the company and kindergarten teachers' capacity to integrate drama as pedagogy in the curriculum; and (iii) investigate various approaches to drama integration in early childhood education. These purposes will be promoted and concretized by initiating a two-year partnership between the kindergartens, the theatre company and the university, and four school and classroom-based studies. In two years’ time and under six phases of collaboration, the project targets 8 kindergartens and their teachers’ practice of drama education. Meanwhile, four studies will be conducted to investigate: 1. The various approaches of integrating drama into kindergarten curriculum; 2. The parents’ voices about drama pedagogy; 3. The benefits of drama education to the teacher’s professional development; and 4. The good teaching practices of drama integration.

Funding Source: HK Private Fund - Others^^
Effective start/end date01/04/1331/03/15


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