A Longitudinal Study on the Development and Co-Variation of Executive Functioning and Emotion Regulation among Preschoolers

  • FUNG, Shu Fun 馮樹勳 (Team Member)
  • WONG, Shu Sing, Paul (Team Member)
  • KAM, Chi Ming (PI)
  • BIERMAN, Karen (Team Member)
  • GREENGERG, Mark (Team Member)
  • LEE, Tatia (Team Member)

Project: Other project

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The present study examines the patterns of development of processes (executive functioning -EF and emotion regulation-ER) in early childhood. It may provide insights not just on how the two regulatory mechanisms develop in early childhood, but also may shed light on the inter-relating cascading relationship between the EF and ER, during a time when both cluster of skills are emerging and consoildating.

Funding Source: UGC - Funding from The University of Hong Kong^
Effective start/end date01/06/1130/06/12


  • early childhood education
  • psychology


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