A germicide-free and durable antibacterial coating for hospital facilities

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    (Innovation and Technology Fund, ITP/018/11NP, HK$1,995,250, 2012-2013) + (GSP-Internship Programme, InP/069/12 , HK$133,000, 2012-2013) + (GSP-Internship Programme, InP/109/12, HK$111,000, 2012-2013) One of the major routes for transmission of infectious diseases in hospital environment is via indirect contract of surfaces which contaminated by fluid droplet from patients during coughing and sneezing. The normal practice for cleaning up the contaminated surface is by using chemical antibacterial agents such as germicides. However, scientist started to concern the over use of germicides might lead to the development of dangerous resistant strains of bacteria through evolution. Moreover, the antibacterial effect of germicides will be disappeared within hours or days after the application. In this project, a germicides-free non-hazard formulation of water based metal ion nanoparticle antibacterial coating solution for hospital facilities will be formulated. A coating technology based on water-soluble polymers will be employed for stable immobilization of the metal ion nanoparticles onto the testing surfaces of hospital facilities. The performance of the antibacterial coating solution will be tested onsite within a hospital environment. The proposed metal ion based antibacterial coating has the unique combined feature of “antibacterial function” and “prolong durability” that provides a solution for long-term disinfection on the surfaces of hospital facilities. With the increasing of public concern in health and outbreaks of infectious disease, this advanced antibacterial coating technology may contribute a further step to improve the hygiene condition of the Hong Kong's hospital environment.

    Funding Source: HKSAR Govt - Innovative and Technology Fund (ITF)
    Effective start/end date01/01/1231/03/13


    • antibacteria
    • hospital
    • coating
    • nanomaterials


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