A Curriculum-based Child Assessment Model for Quality Education Childhood Programme

  • CHAN, Yim Mei, Esther 陳艷媚 (CoI)
  • WONG, Ngai Chun, Margaret (PI)
  • CHENG, Zi Juan (CoI)
  • CHEUNG, Hun Ping, Rebecca (CoI)
  • CHIANG, Ngar Tak, Etta (CoI)
  • LAM, Mei Seung, Michelle (CoI)
  • LIM, Swee Eng, Audrey (CoI)
  • NG, Sui Ngan, Sharon (CoI)
  • TSANG, Kwan Lan, Vicky (CoI)
  • YEUNG-WONG, Wai Yum, Veronica (CoI)
  • WONG, Kit Mei, Betty (CoI)
  • YUNG, Yin Man, Anissa (CoI)
  • TO-CHAN, Sing Pui, Tikky 杜陳聲珮 (CoI)
  • WONG, Siu Man (CoI)
  • CHEUNG, Lai Ha (CoI)

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