The International Baccalaureate Jeff Thompson Award

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    The International College Hong Kong (ICHK) is an international school in Hong Kong, that developed an innovative approach to curriculum delivery, called Free Learning: "A pedagogical approach where students chart their own learning through a varied online map of challenges and experiences." The research focuses on how Free Learning has an effect on the role of the teacher as well as student learning in the ICHK context. Second, the development of a Free Learning framework for the delivery of IB courses for pre-service teachers at tertiary institutions is carried out through a case study exploring the dynamics and outcomes of a pilot at EdUHK. Third, and from the above, a full report on the experiences of Free Learning at ICHK and EdUHK, and the development of a framework and guidelines for other institutional settings, will be produced.
    Granting OrganisationsInternational Baccalaureate