The HKICT Awards, Smart People (Smart Education and Learning) Award: Certificate of Merit

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Dyslexia is a learning disability which affects many primary school students in Hong Kong. Traditional pre-screening and diagnosing services of Dyslexia is labor intensive, expensive and time-consuming. The app is the first AI-based technology for dyslexia prescreening in Hong Kong, which provides fast, affordable and automatic pre-screening of dyslexic students. This can shorten the student assessment cycle, achieve early intervention of dyslexic students, and to relieve the screening load of education psychologists for them to focus more on treatment. They've designed a software application which provides an interactive environment for students to write traditional Chinese characters. They collect data from interactive sessions, including the time spent on learning each character and the handwritings of students. By using multi-modal analysis, Their AI engine can analyze the data and predict the likelihood that students are dyslexic.
Granting OrganisationsThe Hong Kong Council of Social Service.