RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship

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The PDFS provides support to 50 awardees for a period of 36 months in terms of full-time appointment as a postdoctoral fellow (PdF) at a UGC-funded university in each round of the yearly exercise. For each awardee, the supporting university will receive an annual stipend of HK$413,060 per year for the awardee’s basic salary as well as a conference and research-related travel allowance (of HK$13,130 per year inclusively). PDFS covers all academic disciplines and is divided into two broad academic streams: (i) Humanities, Social Sciences and Business Studies; and (ii) Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Technology. Norman is awarded the fellowship for the following project: Fostering resilient learners in the peri- and post-pandemic world: Examining the role of student self-assessment and its psychological mechanisms in online learning contexts
Granting OrganisationsUniversity Grants Council