President’s Awards for Outstanding Performance in Knowledge Transfer 2021/2022 (Team)

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In 2019, Prof. Sin led the team to set up the Jockey Club Youth Academy for Special Educational Needs (YASEN) to respond to the global trend of, and local concern about, continuing education for persons with disabilities. The Education Bureau and heads of special schools highly commended and supported this initiative. SEN school leavers received lifelong learning opportunities on the University campus to develop 21st century skills and competences beyond schools. The success was multidimensional. The project tasks included course delivery, e-learning, SEN YouTube, mentorship, seminars, empirical studies and resource development. The training benefitted over 3,000 participants, including the SEN youths, pre-service teachers, parents and community helpers. The concerted effort among academics and community helpers created a synergic effect in course design and delivery. YASEN provided a successful and sustainable model of continuing education and social inclusion for SEN school leavers.
Granting OrganisationsThe Education University of Hong Kong