President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching 2017/2018 (Individual Award)

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Professor Sin’s achievements are the result of his efforts to promote the quality of learning and teaching in inclusion, and demonstrate the far-reaching impact of special education on the teaching profession, schools and the community. His learner-centred approach supports the development and cultivates the commitment of EdUHK students to serve society through authentic exposure, committed service, interactive dialogue, in-depth study and reflective thinking. He adopts the “BAT” model (Belief, Attitude and Technique) for his core thought on professionalism in special needs, in which outcome-based learning of awareness, knowledge, judgment, expression and application are embedded solidly in the conceptual framework. The students are expected to be caring, competent and concerned about special needs and to become responsible members of the profession. (
Granting OrganisationsThe Education University of Hong Kong