President's Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching 2011/12

  • LAM, Bick Har 林碧霞 (Recipient)

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Dr Lam’s outstanding teaching performance is recognized in her classroom practice, teaching innovations, scholarship, and enhancement of student learning. “Dr Lam has been described as an “inspirational teacher” and a “veritable expert” in the subject she teaches, she demonstrates effective use of interactive pedagogy to engage learners in dialectical thinking. She is able to fluently and organically manage the integration of multiple means to design and present her lessons in interesting and creative ways that engage learners. Dr Lam devoted herself in continuous improvement through self study. She is a prolific researcher and writer in the field of curriculum and instruction. She has taken up leadership of a number of pedagogical-based and teacher studies in such areas as “mass lecture and tutorials” and ‘studying exemplary teachers’ knowledge” (Abridged citation of Dr Lam Bick Har, President's Award Presentation Ceremony, 7 May 2012).
Granting OrganisationsThe Hong Kong Institute of Education