Honorable Mention of 2019 Awards for Essays on Gravitation

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The competition is organized by the Gravity Research Foundation in United States. The awards are granted for the best and most well-written essays about gravitation, its theory, applications or effects. Five best essays will be selected as winners and some outstanding essays will be given Honorable Mention. This is an international competition and this year (2019) is the seventieth competition. The participants are world-wide and come from many top universities (e.g. MIT, Princeton). The contest has been won by at least five people who later won the Nobel Prize in physics. This annual essay competition has drawn respected physicists, including Stephen Hawking (won in 1971), Nobel laureate George Smoot (won in 1993) and Nobel laureate Gerard 't Hooft (won in 2015).
Granting OrganisationsGravity Research Foundation