Gold Medal Award in 2017 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada

  • YEUNG, Yau Yuen 楊友源 (Recipient)

Prize: Prizes / Awards


The award is for a piece of multi-purpose, low-cost (around USD30) and pedagogy-embedded apparatus to support students’ effective learning of science and environmental studies. Some effective pedagogies were purposely embedded for student-centred learning in the design and development of this innovative datalogging system as built upon the Arduino open-source microcontroller platform and bundled with various kinds of sensors for enabling children to conduct many kinds of scientific experiments or field trip activities within or outside the schools. Besides, an Android app called SESLogger was specifically programmed for seamless integration with smart phones or tablets to facilitate students’ collection, recording and analysis of experimental data and sharing their findings between learners located in distant places as a means for collaborative learning.
Granting OrganisationsToronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills and Organizing Committee of the 2017