Gold Award

  • LAM, S. S. (Recipient), WAN, M. W. A. (Recipient), LIEW, R. K. (Recipient), FOONG, S. Y. (Recipient), YUH, P. Y. N. (Recipient), AHMAD, M. F. B. (Recipient), WAN, N. W. M. N. B. (Recipient), MAN, M. B. (Recipient), MA, N. L. (Recipient), LIEW, T. Y. C. (Recipient), PENG, W. (Recipient), TSANG, Yiu Fai 曾耀輝 (Recipient) & PARK, Y. (Recipient)

    Prize: Prizes / Awards

    Granting OrganisationsInternational Conference and Exposition on Inventions by Institutions of Higher Learning (PECIPTA)