FEHD Caring Teacher Award 2020/21 (關愛育人獎)

  • LAU, Ngar Sze, Elsa 劉雅詩 (Recipient)

Prize: Prizes / Awards


The FEHD Caring Teacher Award is launched this year to demonstrate the Faculty’s commitment to disseminating and teaching Life, Positive, and Values Education (LPVE). SEC's Dr Lau Ngar-sze Elsa is the inaugural winner of the FEHD's 2021 Caring Teacher Award. Dr Lau is one of the first academics in Hong Kong to promote mindfulness, which she uses to teach undergraduates, pre-service teachers and in-service teachers. "l believe that fostering wisdom and compassion can bring hope to the future of humanity," Dr Lau said. "In my experience from teaching in school and universities, I think that learner's well-being and resilience can be promoted by cultivating mindfulness of positive, values and inclusive education.” https://www.eduhk.hk/fehd/en/highlights.php?s=archive&id=6605
Granting OrganisationsCentre for Religious and Spirituality Education, Faculty of Education and Human Development