Bronze Medal & Special Award

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Our project develops 3 boardgames specifically associated with the knowledge and skills missing between teaching and learning. For example, the boardgame “Supermarket Rush” focus on teaching the children using the ingredients design their own healthy lunchboxes based on the ratio of whole grains, vegetables, meat in 3:2:1 principle. This is not common in current teaching materials. The boardgame “Food Pyramid” reinforces children’s concept in healthy food groups and good groups, though healthy in their origins but, could be unhealthy if they are in high salt, sugar and fat. Also, the concept of balanced diet is included to the game rule. The boardgame “Germ Fighter” transfers the idea that there are germs everywhere but we can do preventive strategies to fight against the sicknesses caused by bacterial or viral infection. The boardgame helps the student understand it is easy to get contaminated of germs, but we can protect ourselves with a few effective coping strategies
Granting Organisations8th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2023)