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The 2023 iENA International Trade Fair in Nuremberg, Germany showcased groundbreaking inventions and new products. Established in 1948, iENA has become a prestigious global platform for inventors and innovators to present their groundbreaking ideas and innovations. 500 inventions by universities, research institutions, and commercial enterprises from 30 countries and regions were showcased in the 2023 trade fair held between 28 and 30 October 2023. The award project entitled: Audio-Tactile Chinese Characters: Bringing Multisensory & Novel Learning Experience to People with Visual Impairment and Special Needs, suggests novel Chinese radicals in several 3D tactile character models allow students to experience the structural formation of Chinese characters through touch and sound. This multi-sensory learning kit is designed to break visual and social learning barriers, especially for people with visual impairment or special needs, through a high standard of innovation and creativity.
Granting OrganisationsThe International Trade Fair: Ideas Innovations New Product in Germany (iENA)