Best Overall Paper Award 2011

  • WONG, Lung Hsiang (Recipient), SONG, Yanjie 宋燕捷 (Recipient), Ching-Sing, CHAI (Recipient) & Ying, ZHAN (Recipient)

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The paper entitled "Analyzing Students’ After-School artifact creation processes in a mobile-assisted language learning environment" by Wong, L.-H., Song, Y., Chai, C.-S., & Ying, Z. (2011) obtained the Best Overall Paper Award. Among 244 paper submissions (168 full papers) to the ICCE 2011, five types of awards were given: Best WIPP (Work in Progress Paper) Award, Best Poster Award, Best Technical Paper Award, Best Student Paper award, and Best Overall Paper Award. For each type of the awards, “best paper award nominees” were chosen first, then one paper will be nominated as the “finalist”. “Best Overall Paper Award” was evaluated highly in all aspects among 13 full best paper nominees.
Granting OrganisationsAsia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education