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Dr. Linda Kwan earned a Bachelor of Education Honours Degree in Information Technology and Mathematics, a Master of Education Degree in Teacher Education and Professional Development and obtained her doctorate in the field of Science, Mathematics and Computing, all from the University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Linda Kwan joined the teacher education profession in 1990. Since then she has taught for many years in primary and secondary school contexts. Prior to her service at the Education University of Hong Kong, she had taught at tertiary education institute and Universities, teaching education courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As a teacher educator and researcher, she worked together with teachers to improve students’ and teachers’ educational practice and career learning processes. She has conducted professional development workshops or programmes for in-service teachers in Hong Kong.

Dr. Linda Kwan has been with the Education University of Hong Kong since 2010. Her research work investigates how to improve students’ understanding and ability in solving the mathematics word problems among school students in Hong Kong. She is currently managing various projects relating to enhancing teaching practice. Dr Kwan is also particularly interested in taking part in collaborating learning in mathematics, assessing the mathematics learning difficulties and children’s mathematical concepts, inter-relationship between procedural and conceptual knowledge in mathematics education.

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Hong Kong Hair & Beauty Merchants Association, Honorary Advisor (Academic Advisor).

Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, Specialist.


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