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麥宇翰,香港大學文學士,香港大學教育文憑,香港大學教育學碩士,香港大學中國歷史研究文學碩士,香港大學中文學院哲學博士。教育局檢定教員,加入香港教育大學文學及文化學系前在喇沙書院任教中文及中史科十六年,亦任中史科科主任,設計校本校史課程。於中學校內曾帶領朗誦、舞蹈、和籃球(Division One)校隊,同時統籌學校校刊(THE LASALLITE)和推廣文學創作,與九龍城區的學校合辦聯校文學創作活動近十五年,也與《字花》合辦文學導賞團。此前於仁濟醫院王華湘中學任圖書館主任,任教中文及中史科。多年出任考評局中史科閱卷員及香港大學中國歷史研究文學碩士課程同學會執行委員,並出任勵進教育中心「中史試題解碼」擬卷老師,於中學任教近二十年。

Dr. Mak joined the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies as a lecturer in 2022. He obtained his master degrees and PhD from the University of Hong Kong. He taught Chinese and Chinese History in La Salle College and served as a panel head of Chinese History. Apart from teaching the two subjects, he also handled speech, dance, basketball and creative writing school team in the College for 16 years. He was an experienced marker of Chinese History in HKEAA.

Research interests



Southern Song Studies(1127-1279), education history of Hong Kong, Chinese Bibliography, Chinese Historiography, Chinese reading strategy and School-based Curriculum Development.

Teaching Interests

Song Studies(960-1279)

Education history of Hong Kong

Chinese Bibliography

Chinese Historiography

Chinese History Curriculum and

teaching methods in Hong Kong

Chinese reading strategy

School-based Curriculum Development

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