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Personal profile

B.Sc. in Chemistry & Biochemistry (Imperial College, London)

P.G.C.E. (King's College London, University of London)

M.Ed. (Research route) (University of Cambridge)

Ph.D. in Education (University of Cambridge)

Director (Schools) of Jockey Club-funded project, "CLAP for Youth@JC" Phase II (2020-2025), EdUHK

Co-Director, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), EdUHK

Dr. Stephen YIP is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Education University Hong Kong. Before joining the university, he was the Chief Executive of the Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), (also titled as Principal Assistant Secretary of the Education Bureau, EDB) in the Hong Kong SAR Government (2013-16), taking the responsibility of curriculum development in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens. Throughout the serving period in CDI since 2002, Dr. YIP, as the Chief Curriculum Development Officer and head of CDI (2002-13), participated in a number of leadership roles to promote and review key policies related to whole person development, Life-wide Learning (LWL), Textbook Review, School Library services, the New Senior Secondary curriculum and the promotion of Multiple Pathways under the New Academic Structure in 2010s. Under his leadership, many influential resources and tools were produced, such as e-Navigator, Finding Your Colours of Life, Career Mapping, etc. in close partnership with various bodies (e.g. HK Association for the Careers masters and Guidance Masters). As the Executive Director of CDI, he also led the formulation of the subsequent terrirtory-wide curriculum reform impetus, sometimes known as ‘Learning to Learn 2.0+’ that advocates STEM education, Language across the curriculum, values education, entrepreneurial spirits, life-wide learning and e-learning in schools.

Dr. YIP worked as a secondary teacher and as a school advisor in several local education authorities in London UK for many years. His research publication, 'Getting Results: Study Support in Tower Hamlets' (1997), was recognised as a seminal literature to shape the national policy on Study Support and Out-of-school Hours Learning in the United Kingdom in the 1990s and 2000s. He actively participted in the National Evaluation of Study Support which was led by Professor John MacBeath from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. YIP's main research interest is experiential learning (including community service) in schools, of which it is called 'Life-wide Learning' or 'Other Learning Experiences' (OLE) in Hong Kong contexts and he published many influential articles in major newspapers as well as in the EDB official website, promoting quality practices of OLE (or LWL). Out of his busy work life in the government, he managed to find time working as a part-time lecturer of MA Student Activities, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2007-13), teaching the module of 'Learning profiles and portfolios for whole person development' and gained recognitions for his outstanding teaching several times. He is now the Principal Investigator of the ground-breaking research project run by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, on the impact of experiential learning activities (esp. in form of business-school partnerships) in the Big Education Platform (Education 2.1) since 2017. The report findings attracted wide media interests and coverage (Yip and Fung, 2019). He also serves as the co-leader of the assessment panel of the EDB's Outstanding Teaching Award for Moral Education in Schools from 2017. His other research interests are Curriculum change and leadership, Life and Moral Education, Career and Life Development.

Stephen gained his PhD in education and MEd (Research route) degree from the University of Cambridge. He also has a joint honours degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London and was awarded Associateship of Royal College of Science.

Dr YIP is currently the Director (Schools) of the five-year Jockey Club-funded project, "CLAP for Youth@JC" Phase II leading Career and Life Development initiatives in schools. He is also the Co-director, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at EdUHK. Advisor of the General Education Inter-disciplinary Courses in General Education Office, EdUHK. He won the Faculty Award for Teaching (2019) and won the Top 10% Teaching Award in the Faculty of Education and Human Development twice (2018-19; 2019-20) within his three-years early university teaching.

Key Publications

葉蔭榮 (2019) 「時間管理」, 自石美寶、李子健、姚偉梅「迎接未來的四大能力」香港:中華書局 62至75頁。

李子健、葉蔭榮、霍秉坤 (2019) 香港中小學課綱的規劃現況與實施歷史:歷史和背景,以及規劃, 刊自黃政傑主編「國際中小學課綱規劃與實施」(出版中)

Lee, J.C.K. and Yip, S.Y.W. (2018). Teacher education and role of educators under the context of educational change in the twenty-first century: Prospects and challenges. International Conference of Teacher Education Renovation (ICTER), Vietnam. Conference Paper.

Yip S, Y.W. (2017). ‘Other learning experiences (OLE) in the new senior secondary curriculum: A survey study investigating the impact of OLE on students’ approaches to learning in Hong Kong schools. Hong Kong Educational Research Association International Conference. Conference paper submitted on 11.7.2017.

Zou, Tracy X. P., Mickleborough, Neil C., Ho Stanley S. M. & Yip, Stephen Y. W. (2015). Students as learning experience designers: the effect of student-driven approaches in a Hong Kong study, International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 10:3, 179-193.

Yip S, Y.W., (2010). “Community Service and the development of leadership qualities in 21st Century”, in “Co-building OLE” Handbook; Education Bureau, HKSAR.

Yip S, Y.W. (2006). Life-wide Learning: Building life-long Creativity, in “Extra-curricular Activities: Theory and Practice”. Hong Kong: Chinese University Hong Kong Press

葉蔭榮 (2006) 「跑出課室」: 優質架構, 載於 曾永康、洪楚英、朱惠玲編 「課外活動: 探究與管理」,中文大學 香港教育研究所: 香港

葉蔭榮 (2006) 全方位學習:延伸、擴濶、促進, 載於 曾永康、洪楚英、朱惠玲編 「課外活動: 探究與管理」,中文大學香港教育研究所: 香港

Yip, S. Y.W. (2004). Thoughts on Career-related Experience in the Curriculum Reform. Hong Kong: Education Bureau. Available from:

Yip, S. Y.W. (2002). Life-Wide Learning: Extending, Enriching, Enabling. Hong Kong: Education and Manpower Bureau. Available from:

Yip, S., (1997). “Getting Results, Study Support in Tower Hamlets”, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London. ISBN 1-873928-68-8.

Other Outputs:

局中人语 (Insider’s Perspectives) (Chinese Only)

  • 葉蔭榮 (2010)《同行邁向優質的「其他學習經歷」》 二○一○年七月十八日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2011)《社會服務 — 讓學生成為學習經歷設計者》 二○一一年十一月二十一日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2011)《「學生學習概覽」:一篇好的「個人自述」》 二○一一年十一月十四日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2011)《「與工作相關經驗」: 接軌個人與「工作世界」》 二○一一年四月四日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2010)《開展生涯規劃 條條大路通羅馬》 二○一一年九月五日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2010)《善用「學生學習概覽」發展反思能力》 二○一○年 十一月十五日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2010)《「其他學習經歷」: 涓滴成河的「育人」工作》 二○一○年二月八日. 教育局

共建新學制文章 (New Academic Structure Articles) (Chinese Only)

  • 葉蔭榮 (2013)《科目多元選擇 探索個人志趣》二零一三年五月六日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 唐創時(2014)《「新學制中期檢討及前瞻」通識科跟進諮詢:考試照顧學生多樣性》 二○一五年四月十三日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2014)《學會學習 2.0:聚焦·深化·持續》 二零一四年六月十九日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2015) 《凝聚共識 提供優質國史教育》 二○一五年七月十三日. 教育局(部份轉刊於文滙報《初中中史「古今並重」利銜接高中》 2015.7.14)
  • 葉蔭榮 (2015)《學習中史‧古今並重》二○一五年四月二十三日. 教育局
  • 葉蔭榮 (2014) 《新高中選修部分 增強個人知識基礎》二零一四年四月十三日. 教育局

Research interests

  • Experiential Learning (including Other Learning Experiences, service learning, Life-wide Learning);
  • Career and life education
  • Curriculum reform, policy and change
  • Curriculum Leadership in schools

Teaching Interests

- Experiential Learning and Life-wide Learning in schools (inlc. career education)

- Curriculum and Assessment

- Teacher Leadership and Professionalism

- Curriculum Leadership and change

- Educational Reforms in global contexts

- Knowledge Management in Schools

- General Education (interdisciplinary studies)

- Career-related Experiences in school curriculum

External Appointments

Dr YIP is currently the Director(Schools) of the five-year Jockey Club-funded project, "CLAP for Youth@JC" Phase II leading its Career and Life Development initiatives in Hong Kong secondary schools. (2020-25)

Dr. Yip is appointed as the Programme Leader of the QEF project, Enhancing School Curriculum Management Capacity through Institutionalizing the SECI knowledge creation model (2019-21).

Dr Yip is appointed as the Principal Investigator of the impact evaluation on the “Big Education Platform” experiential learning programmes, which is operated by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute, funded by the “Education 2.1” group. (2017- present )

Dr Yip is appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Assessment Panel of the "Outstanding Teaching Award for Moral Education", run by the EDB and the Windsor Charity Fund. (2017- present)

Dr Yip is the course lecturer on Curriculum Leadership for the EDB's Proessional Development Programme for Middle Managers in Schools. (2017-2018)

Dr Yip is the course lecturer on Curriculum Leadership for the EDB's Professional Development Programme for PGM in Schools (2019-20)

Dr. Yip is the course lecturer on Curriculum Change for EDB's Professional Development Programme for Primary Curriculum Development Leaders in Schools (2018-20)

Dr. Yip is the lecturer on Curriculum Leadership for EDB's Professional Development Programme for Principals (2019-20)

Dr. Yip is appointed as School Governor, Jockey Club EdUHK Primary School (2019- )

Dr. yip is appointed as School Governor, ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School (2019- )

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