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Personal profile

Dr. Giovanna Tsz Wing Wu specializes in Chinese literature of the sixteenth through early twentieth centuries. Her research interests lie at the intersection of classical Chinese opera and fiction, eight-legged essays, ancient Chinese stylistics, and the culture of imperial examination. She has presented her academic papers at conferences across the globe, including the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Bulgaria, Australia, Japan, and China. Her research articles have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, such as Chinese Studies, Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies, Sino-humanitas, NTU Humanitas Taiwanica, Tang Xianzu Xuekan, Tang Xianzu Yanjiu. In 2016, Wu was appointed a Visiting Research Fellow by Fuzhou Tang Xianzu International Research Centre, China.

Research interests

  • 中國古典戲曲 Classical Chinese Opera
  • 制義與科舉文化 Formulated Exegesis and the Culture of Civil Service Examination
  • 中國古代文體學 Ancient Chinese Stylistics
  • 中國古典小說 Classical Chinese Fiction
  • 明清文學 Ming-Qing Literature
  • 中國傳記書寫 Chinese Biographical Writings

External Appointments

Visiting Research Fellow ( 客座研究員 ), Fuzhou Tang Xianzu International Research Center ( 撫州湯顯祖國際研究中心 ) ( 2016-2018 )

Conference Secretariat & External Member of Organizing Committee, “Between Old and New Values: International Conference on Transitions in Literature and Culture from Late Qing to Early Republican China.” Hong Kong: Organized by the Open University of Hong Kong ( January 2015 - June 2016 )

External Referee to review a paper of journal article, Journal of Chinese Literary Studies ( 2014 )

Teaching Interests

  • 中國文化概說 Introduction to Chinese Culture
  • 中國古代文學(一):先秦至隋唐Classical Chinese Literature I: From Pre-Qin to Sui and Tang
  • 中國古代文學(二):宋至清Classical Chinese Literature II: From Song to Qing
  • 專家詩 Works of Major Poets
  • 文學經典作品選讀 Selected Readings in Literary Classics
  • 唐代傳奇 Tang Dynasty Tales
  • 戲劇與傳意 Drama and Communication
  • 明清小說 Ming and Qing Fiction
  • 中國文學及其他藝術 Chinese Literature and Other Arts
  • 文獻學與中文研究 Philology and Chinese Studies
  • 中國戲曲史 History of Chinese Drama

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