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Personal profile

I studied at the University of Leipzig in Germany, the Jagiellonian University of Kraków in Poland and the University Lumière Lyon 2 in France in order to receive my undergraduate degree in modern history. I remained in Lyon for my master’s degree and completed my doctorate at the University of Portsmouth in the UK. I gained postdoctoral experience at Hanyang University and Korea University, both in Seoul, South Korea, and the University of Luxembourg. I have been an assistant professor at the Education University of Hong Kong since 2015.

I have a strong interest in debates on global and transnational history. Making use of these approaches, I mostly focus on interactions between Europe and East Asia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. I have a genuine interest in the history of education, but I also explore education as a lens through which to consider broader social and cultural phenomena. My trajectory on two continents brought me in contact with a variety of projects.

My dissertation discussed the educational sections of the world exhibitions of the second half of the nineteenth century. Focusing on the participation of France, Germany, Japan and the United States, my dissertation made a contribution to the study of the transnational circulation of educational knowledge. The revised manuscript Education at World Exhibitions during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century: Experts Going Transnational is under contract with Palgrave Macmillan.

During my stay of more than three years in Seoul, I acquired a robust expertise in Korean history. My Korea-related research concentrates on educational reforms and the presence of Europeans during the open-ports period.

While working in Luxembourg, I was part of an exciting project on educational repercussions of the Grand-Duchy’s transformation into a major steel-producing country. Besides the history of education, my articles and book chapters that come out of this project also venture into the fields of business history and the history of public health and shed light on Luxembourg’s connections with East Asia.

My second book project discusses how Europeans and Americans who lived in East Asia from the mid-nineteenth century to WWII organised the education of their own children. The project empirically studies Polish, German, French, British and American schools in China, Korea and Japan and in this way elucidates the East Asian beginnings of international schooling.



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Book Chapters

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Contributions to Encyclopaedias

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