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Personal profile

Personal profile

Dr. Diana Kwok is Associate Professor of the Department of Special Education and Counselling. She is a registered social worker, approved counselling supervisor, and a certified sex therapist/supervisor. Diana used to work in school, family, mental health, and LGBTQIA+ social service settings, in Hong Kong, and in the U.S.. She is currently board member of the The Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers & Therapists; panel member of the Disciplinary Committee and Assessment Committee of the Hong Kong Social Workers' Registration Board. Her research projects were funded by RGC, HK Government, Equal Opportunities Fund, and private fundings, mostly focused on sexual/transgender prejudice, life experiences of sexual and gender diverse individuals (LGBTQIPA+), rights-based sexuality education, and cultural competence of professionals. Diana actively engages in knowledge transfer, to inform and to advocate for a shift of paradigm in sexuality education for educators, mental health professionals, and the general public. Throughout the years, she has been interviewed by international and Hong Kong media outlets such as the BBC, SCMP, Mingpao Daily, RTHK, the Standard News. Her op-eds have also been published in the Mingpao Daily, Singtao Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal and among other diverse outlets. Informed from her research, she provides professional training and clinical supervision to educators, social workers, counsellors, and mental health practitioners on mental health, sexuality education, and sexual diversity in various universities, schools, NGOs, and government organizations, in Hong Kong and in other Asian cities. The research results were published in a wide range of international journals including Journal of Social Work Education, Journal of LGBT Youth, Sex Education, International Review of Psychiatry, British Journal of Guidance and Counselling etc..

郭勤博士現為特殊教育與輔導學系的副教授。她為註冊社工、輔導臨床督導員及認可性治療師。她過往曾在香港及美國兩地工作,任職的地方包括學校社工、家庭服務、精神健康輔導, 康復服務和性少眾 (LGBTQIA+)服務。郭博士擔任香港性教育,研究和治療專業協會董事, 社會工作者註冊局學歷認可評審團、紀律委員會委員。她曾於不同院校、社會服務機構及政府部門就精神健康、性教育及性別多元議題提供專業培訓和臨床督導。除了香港性輔導/性教育的推廣,也在亞洲城市、中國大陸提供演講和工作坊,更被國際研討會邀請擔任主講者。郭博士曾受不同媒體,包括BBC,South China Morning Post, RTHK, Standard News的採訪,評論性教育, 性別和性小眾相關議題, 文章亦曾在經濟日報、星島日報、信報、明報等媒體中刊登。郭勤的研究是探討性/性別多元學生的生活經歷; 性教育; 性輔導, 專業工作者的多元文化能力。

Ed.D University of Hong Kong

MSW (Mental Health Counselling) California State University, USA

PgD (Sex Therapy) Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Training Institute

PgD (Sexuality Studies) University of Amsterdam

B.Soc.Sci (Social Work) Chinese University of Hong Kong

Registered Social Worker (HKSWRB)

Approved Counselling Supervisor (HKPCA)

Certified Sex Therapist (HKASERT)

Research interests

Research Interests

Sexuality education

School experience of LGBTQIA/queer/gender non-binary students

Sexuality and counseling/social work/education

Sexuality and SEN students

Community and family supports to LGBTQIA/queer/gender non-binary students

Cultural competence of counselors/social worker/educators









Teaching Interests

Current Teaching and Course Coordination

Sexuality-Embracing Diversity

Sex Education

Counselling Supports to Children with Special Educational Needs

Counseling Ethics

Counseling Theories and Practices

Counselling Supervision

Second Major/Minor in Counselling Program Coordinator

Program Leader: Master of Arts in Educational Counselling

Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students

PhD - Sexuality education for high functioning ASD students in Hong Kong (2017-2021)

EdD - Parents with children affected by dyslexia: Experience in parent-school collaboration (2016-2021)

EdD - Heterosexism and LGBQ+ educators' experiences in schools (2021-in progress)

Past Teaching Experiences

Sexual Diversity and Social Work Intervention (CityUHK)

Sexuality, Culture, and Diversity (CityUHK)

Counseling in Society and Across Culture (CityUHK)

Counselling Individuals and Families (CityUHK)

Social Work Philosophy and Ethics (CUHK)

Social Case Work (CUHK)

Movies Life, and Social Work (CUHK)

Mental Health Counseling (CUHK)

Social Work Fieldwork Supervision (CUHK)


性: 擁抱多元


輔導支援: 特殊學習需要學生與家長








博士──LGBQ+ 教育工作者的學校經歷











External Appointments

Committees and Services

Board member of the Hong Kong Association of Sexuality Educators, Researchers & Therapists

Committee member of the Hong Kong Social Workers Registration Board (Disciplinary Panel )

Professional Development Committee of the Hong Kong Social Workers Association (2013-2016)

Panel specialist for the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (Social Work; Counselling Panel)

Clinical adviser for NGOs, such as Caritas Hong Kong Youth Sexuality Project; Transgender Resource Center; Sexuality For All; Gender Empowerment; Queer Sisters; Hong Kong BGCA Project Touch; Caritas Hong Kong SEN Sexuality Education Project; Teen's Key Hong Kong; Richmond Fellowship Hong Kong etc..

Reviewer for Journal of Social Work; Journal of LGBT Youth; Transcultural Psychiatry; Cultural Health and Sexuality, Healthcare; Family Relationships; Journal of Social Work; International Journal of Transgenderism; Journal of Sex Research; Journal of Homosexality; Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning; British Journal of Counselling; RGC etc.

Editorial panel member for the book "HIV, Sex, and Sexuality in Later Life" (Book Series: Sex & Intimacy in Later Life in a Changing World)

Organizing Committee member for the 7th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education 2019

Knowledge Transfer: Public Education and Professional Training (Selected)

“Understanding Gender Identity Development: Supporting Transgender Children “, International Conference on Children’s Sexuality Education, PRC.


“Clinical supervision and professional development: school sexuality education", Caritas Hong Kong.


"Sexual and Gender Diversities: Implications for Psychiatric Social Services". Richmond Fellowship Hong Kong.


"Sex Therapies: Diverse Expressions of Intimacy, Sex, Gender and Sexual Behaviors", Radio Hong Kong (RTHK )Program.

「性治療個案分享:性和親密關係的多元表達」, 香港電台。

"Sexuality Education for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)", Radio Hong Kong (RTHK )Program.

「特殊需要孩子的性教育」, 香港電台。

"Embracing Diversities: Sexuality Education for Students Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder", the 7th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education .

「尊重差異:自閉譜系學生的性教育」, 第七屆亞洲性教育會議。

"Transgender Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Implications for Rights-Based Sexuality Education". The 7th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education.

「受自閉譜系症影響的跨性別學生:對於人權為主性教育的啟示」, 第七屆亞洲性教育會議。

"Sexual Health and Intimacy Issues of South Asian Young Migrants and Implications for Multicultural Sexuality Education" (Collaborated with Dr. Kim Kwok). The 7th Asian Conference on Sexuality Education.

「南亞青年的性健康和親密親密關係: 對多元文化性教育的啟示」。(合作項目: Dr. Kim Kwok)

"Sexuality Education for ASD Students: Parents' Difficulties and Perspectives", workshop organized by Parent Support Group of ASD Students.

「自閉症學生的性教育, 案例工作坊/家長建議/反思」, 由家長互助協會主辦。

"Respecting Diversity - Sexuality Education for ASD Students: Perspectives of Social Workers and Teachers", workshop organized by Caritas Hong Kong.

「尊重差異──自閉症學生的性教育, 案例工作坊/社工/教師的反思」,由香港明愛主辦。

"Sexuality Education Training for Chinese Social Workers: Culturally Competent Practice", organized by Social Workers' Association, Huizhou, China.


"Sexuality Education Training for Chinese Teachers: Culturally Competent Practice", organized by GLCAC, UNDP, UNESCO, China.


"Understanding diversities in sex characteristics, sexual orientations, gender identities & expressions - implications for frontline practice of sexuality educators." HKASSERT.

「了解性特徵,性傾向,性別認同和表達方式的多樣性-對性教育實踐的影響」香港家庭計劃指導會, 香港性教育、研究及治療專業協會主辦

"Ethical dilemma in sexuality education - implications for frontline practice of sexuality educators", HK Family Planning Association & HKASSERT.

「性教育中的道德倫理困境 - 對性教育實踐的影響」香港家庭計劃指導會, 香港性教育、研究及治療專業協會主辦

"Supporting clients facing sexual health and mental health concerns - intersectionality perspective". Case conference workshop, HKASSERT

「性健康和心理健康 - 多樣交叉性視角」臨床案例工作坊,香港性教育、研究及治療專業協會主辦

"Engaging Chinese Teachers to Support LGBT Students through Sexual Prejudice Reduction Training", Workshop organized by UNESCO Asia (Thailand/Korea).

「減少性傾向偏見: 教師支持LGBT學生」亞洲聯合國教科文組織主辦。

"Gender transitions: religious struggles and resilience: Reflections from mental health professionals", HKASSERT

「跨仔跨女性別轉換時面對的障礙/適應: 輔導員的反思」, 臨床案例工作坊, 香港性教育、研究及治療專業協會主辦。

"Sexuality education for high functioning ASD students: Reflections from social workers", workshop organized by the The Church of united Brethren in Christ Social Service Division


"Sexuality education for high functioning ASD students", series of workshops organized by the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council.


"Gay men living with Aids - addressing minority stress and internalized sexual prejudice", professional training for counsellors, Aids Concerns.


"Supporting transmen and transwomen at the initial stage of gender transition", clinical supervision workshop, HKASSERT.


"Supporting parents facing their children's gender transition", workshop for hotline counsellors, organized by faith-based social service organization.


"Sexual intimacy, multiple identities, and trans* couples ", workshop for frontline social workers, organized by the Tung Wah Group of Hopsitals.


"LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence: perspectives from social workers", Symposium on Combating Intimatet Partner and Sexual Violence, HKCSS


"Understanding sexual and gender fluidity of non-binary trans* people - reflections from sex therapy sessions", HKASERT.

「了解非二元跨性別人士的性和身份的流動性:性輔導的反思」,臨床案例工作坊, 由香港性教育、研究及治療專業協會主辦。

"Working with gender variant service users in faith-based substance abuse shelter services", Faith-based social service organization.

「福音戒毒服務與性少眾服務對象: 社工的多元文化意識」,由福音戒毒社會服務機構主辦。

"Intimacy and sexuality education needs of young people affected by ASD", Yang Memorial Methodist Social Services


"Meaning behind sexual offending behaviors of young people affected by ASD, a qualitative study", Caritas Hong Kong


"Respecting Diversities - Sexuality Education for Students with Intellectual Disability and Autistic Spectrum Disorders", Special schools in Hong Kong


"Respecting diversities - Sexuality education for students affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders", Professional Training Program, EdUHK


"Intimate partner violence among LGBT couples", HKCSS.


"Sexuality education for students affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders", organized by the Hong Kong Teachers' Center.


"Supporting transgender students in educational setting", Hong Kong Teachers' Center.


"Supporting students exploring sexual identities in schools:, Hong Kong Teachers' Center.


"Supporting gender variant clients in mental health settings, implication for social work practice", the Hong Kong Social Workers' Association.


"Supporting LGBQ service users in social work intervention", Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

「性少眾 - 社會服務支援」由香港特別行政區社會福利署主辦。

"Supporting transgender service users in social work settings, City University of HK, Division of Social Science.

「跨性別人士- 社會服務支援」,由香港城市大學社會科學部主辦。

“Understanding sexual pleasure in sexuality education, a human rights perspective”, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.


"Sexuality education for social workers", Caritas Hong Kong.


"HIV prevention and sexuality education", organized by St John’s Cathedral.


Media articles/commentaries in relation to social issues.

Abstinence-Only Sexuality Education Does More Harm than Good (Ming Pao 13/8/2019)

貞潔性教育 無視年輕人精神健康

There is No Such Thing as Sex Addiction (Ming Pao, 30/7/2019)


I Am A Boy Not A Girl- Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Children in Hong Kong (Ming Pao, 18/3/2019)


Asexuality and Sexual Prejudice (Ming Pao, 3/12/2018)


Sexuality Education - Teaching Adoptive Children on Family Values ( Ming Pao, 29/11/2018)


Sexuality Education: Children’s Book Featuring LGBTQ Themes (Standnews 25/6/2018)


Gender Recognition and Human Rights (Sing Tao, 7/12/2017)


Is sexual orientation needed to be changed? (Sing Tao, 02/6/2017)


Transgirl’s voice: I am your daughter, everything goes well!” (Sing Tao, 17/11/2017)


Transgender: RTHK programme (25/5/2017)

Standing Up to Transgender Prejudice in Hong Kong Schools (Sing Tao, 20/1/2017)


If you can't go to Heaven, I can't either (Sing Tao, 13/9/2016)


Parents Talking about Sex - Empowerment and Sex Positive Approach

家長「放下身段」與子女談性 星島日報 20.01.2016

Sexuality Education - Girls Exploring Sexual Pleasure

提供空間正視性歡愉感受 明報 01.12.2015

Sexuality Education for Visually Impaired Students

感受人體溫暖視障孩子的性教育 星島日報 17.11.2015

Girls Talking about Virginity

第一次性體驗 明報 20.10.2015

Sexuality Education for Children Affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorders

特殊需要孩子的性成長需要 星島日報 23.06.2015

Sexuality Education - Embracing Family Diversities

性教育應呈現多元家庭素材 星島日報 23.04.2015

Sexuality Education - Insights Learned from Transgender Students

跨性別學生的故事 星島日報 25.11.2014

Sexuality Education for Tongzhi/LGBQ Students in Schools

學校並不安全 保障同志學生權益 星島日報 24.09.2014

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